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CPD and INSET list 2014

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Course description

Self-determination programmes for students


In this workshop we present strategies and hands-on-activities to enhance self-determination and self-advocacy to students with learning difficulties so that they can thrive in whole-class teaching.

Self-determination programmes have been used in the US since the 1990s and research has shown that they impact greatly on students' success. We have a specific programme for SEN students to help them set targets for themselves and reach these.

We will fous on ideas and strategies for problem-solving and effective communication, time management and how to promote a positive self-image.

If you are interested in offering a self-determination programme in your school, our consultants can help you to find out which  course fits in best with your school ethos. We can also assist you in writing your own self-determination curriculum.


We can also offer a whole-day self-determination course for groups of students either during term time or as part of your KS2 - KS3 transition Summer School.



  • make MFL relevant by engaging all students

  • increase student confidence and motivation

  • includes resource guide '30 strategies for Active MFL classes'


Brighten up your MFL classroom and get your students motivated and engaged with our dynamic approach to language learning. This workshop will give you fresh ideas and help you to raise standards and achievements in MFL through highly motivating teaching and learning strategies.




Active Learning in MFL

Well-being and the Curriculum


Well-being has been identified as a major means to promote learning and motivation and complements the academic provision in schools. This workshops looks at growth mindsets, mindfulness, opportunities to implement well-being on your curriculum and positive psychology interventions.


The workshop consists of an introduction to positive psychology interventions, hands-on examples of well-being activities for students and opportunities for cross-curricular collaborations. We can also help you to either write a well-being programme for your school or to update your current PSHE curriculum to reflect the importance of emotional well-being/



Effective MFL strategies for NQTs


Teaching MFL can be challenging for NQTs - how can students remain motivated and make significant progress at the same time? We will offer strategies to assist NQTs to become successful and innovative language teachers.



Active Learning in Latin 


Brighten up your Latin classroom and get your students motivated and engaged with our dynamic approach to language learning. This 90-minute workshop run by experienced Latin teachers will provide you with fresh ideas and our resource guide called "30 Ideas for Active Learning in Latin". This course can be adapted to all Key Stages.


Current Trends in Education: Using research to improve teaching

There is a vast amount of educational research available. Keeping up-to-date with research and future trends that are relevant to your school's ethos and your teaching staff can have a significant impact in maintaining outstanding schools and driving school improvement forward.


New Approaches to Behaviour Management


We will discuss innovative and effective approaches to behaviour management by looking at up-to-date research and how to select strategies that fit in with your school ethos. This is an active session that involves teachers in group work, discussions and role-plays.



Supporting EAL students through active learning


This workshop offers new perspectives on EAL teaching and helps you to identify how your school can support EAL students across the curriculum by looking at opportunities for shared cultural learning, active EAL resources for accelerated success in learning English and strategies to help EAL students access all curriculum areas fully.


Personalising Learning


Personalised and autonomous learning are buzz words in contemporary educational discourse - but what do these concepts actually entail and how can schools make learning more autonomous whilst mainntaining a strong academic foundation? We will look at new forms of assessment, eDemocracy projects and student-centered ways of learning that you can easily implement in your curriculum.


We offer Personalised Learning for the whole-school as well as workshops that focus on specific subject areas.

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