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Our philosophy


We believe that successful school improvement requires innovative teaching and leadership strategies that motivate and inspire students academically and support them emotionally.


Our workshops and consultancies are informed by principles of active learning and positive psychology. Whilst we design our workshops to maintain and enhance high academic standards in each school, we put a special emphasis on emotional well-being. Our holistic apporach to education acknowledges that  achievement in learning is dependent on emotional well-being, active engagement, inclusive learning and high academic standards. We base our workshops on the latest educational research.


We offer a range of topics for CPD, Insets and consultancies from innovative strategies for EAL students and new and effective methods for behaviour management to introductions to active learning and well-being on the curriculum. We can also help you to make your exisitng curriculum more active and work with you to design a well-being programme that fits in with your school.


Our priority is to provide schools with quality CPD that is directly relevant to your ethos and student body. Each school is different and will require topics to be tailored to their needs. Our workshops will be adapted to suit a school's need so that our ideas and presentations can be easily implemented. We offer a set list of courses but are also happy to design a tailor-made workshop.


Inclusive learning is one of our main principles and we are proud to offer workshops on self-determination for stuents with learning difficulties to help them achieve their full potential. Our introductory workshop to self-determination includes an overview of different programmes, examples of hands-on activities and  ready-made resources. We can also offer self-determination workshops to students, either on a regular basis or as part of your school's KS2-3 transistion Sumemr School.



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Active engagement, Student well-being & Links to research

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