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For active learning and inclusive teaching.

What we offer:
We offer workshops and consultancies that link strong academic achievement to active learning and emotional well-being. We believe that successful learning is an active process and that every student should be given the opportunity to explore and take ownership of their learning.


ASL education consists of a small and innovative team of experienced teachers who know how to successfully drive school improvement linking active, independent learning to your values and ethos. We have a wealth of UK and International experience in teaching, curriculum management, innovative teaching and learning strategies, and pastoral care. We base our skills and knowledge on proven methods which are based on up-to-date educational research and which we have tried, tested and implemented ourselves in the classroom.


We offer workshops and ongoing consultancies on:


  • How to implement active learning strategies in your curriculum

  • EAL strategies and curriculum management for English as a second language;

  • Behaviour management strategies and pupil motivation;

  • Skills-based learning for the whole curriculum;

  • Presenting the latest educational research to teaching staff and working together on an action plan how to implement current trends in education in the school's curriculum

  • Establishing new Latin and Classics departments and re-structuring existing MFL departments;

  • Designing a well-being curriculum for your whole school community;

  • Designing new education policies, schemes of work, curricula and departmental handbooks;

  • How to communicate effectively with parents and establish educational links with the outside community


Our workshops and Inset days will be specifically designed to meet your school's needs.


Contact us to discuss the content and form of your workshop here.


New workshop

Increasing students' autonomy and motivation through self-determination programmes.


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Phone: 07920053768


Twitter: @ASLeducation

Areas of Expertise


Active and autonomous learning


Latin, Classics, MFL and EAL specialists


Skills-based learning


Curriculum design





Research on Active Learning
active learning

The latest information on active learning research in education.


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